Terms and conditions

Arrival (Check-in)
It will be possible to check in from 1:00 p.m. (GMT+1) to 7:00 p.m. (GMT+1), unless otherwise arranged. We recommend that you communicate your arrival time at the facility well in advance, especially if it falls outside of normal reception hours.

Departure (Check-out)
Apartments must be vacated by 12 noon (GMT+1).

Documents upon arrival
The client must provide, by national provision, a suitable document to certify his or her identity, be it an identity card or passport for all occupants, otherwise the operator must refuse hospitality (art.109 P.S. laws as amended by art.7 point 2 of L.203/95). The operator will also present, to each incoming customer, a generalities declaration form that the customer must fill out and sign (P.S. Law as amended: by Art.7 No.4 of L.203/95).

Minimum age
to rent an apartment: 18 years of age

Payment can be paid directly to the host, upon check-in.

A customer who cancels the booked stay must give notice at least 24 hours before the arrival date. If the customer, after paying, leaves the facility before the agreed deadline, he/she loses the right to a refund of the amount paid at check-in.

Failure of the Facility
If the customer shows up within the above-mentioned deadline and does not find the reserved room available, he/she has the right to be provided with other accommodation of the same category or , failing that, in service of a higher category. The difference of any higher price shall be borne by the Facility.
If the customer on arrival finds that the location, equipment and features of the establishment do not correspond to those promised or indicated by illustrations or written , he has the right to leave the Facility and be compensated.

Internet Access
B&B Boutique Bari offers free Internet access to all its guests who will be able to use it freely through their own devices within all accommodations.

Pets allowed.
It is absolutely forbidden to organize parties and/or events inside the apartments.
Smoking is permitted.

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